Psychic Reader Interests

Are you Interested in Being a Speed Psychic Reader OR Psychic Panelist at Our Events?

Ever heard of Speed Psychic Readings? While this is not a new or unique style, some are not yet familiar with the idea.

Interested in Participating in the New Psychic Speed Readings Portion of the Event? 

Before you decide, we want to tell you a little more about it in case you're unfamiliar with this activity. 

📌 Basic Psychic Speed Reading Details:

  • Each Reader will give FIVE 10 minute readings to 5 different people over a period of 1 hour
  • Each Attendee will stand up and rotate between the 5 Readers on our signal every 10 minutes while the Readers remain seated at their reading table
  • The Psychic Speed Reading portion of the event will be held on Saturday and Sunday from 9:30-11am before the exhibitor area opens at 11am
  • Each Reader will be paid $50 per day for their participation (in addition to any other benefits i.e. tips, exposure, etc.)

📌 Why Consider Participating:

  • Payment - Yes, you get paid by us and potentially tips, but we know you are far more valuable than $50! We do not consider this a "money-making" event, and neither should you. It's primarily a way to advertise your style and skill while educating the public about what you do and how you do it.
  • Education & Advertising - Most of the public uses the term "Psychic" for all Readers including Mediums, Oracle, Tarot, Pendulum, Vedic, Intuitive, Crystal, Palmistry, Animal Communicators, etc. You know these various methods of insight are quite different from each other, but much of the public do not understand the differences. This type of event allows attendees to briefly sit with different readers, connect and find out which style(s) resonate with them. By sampling possibilities and opening their eyes to the various styles, we expect they will readily choose their favorites and book a full reading to get further insights.
  • Doesn't Interfere with Booth-Time - Since the Psychic Speed Readings session(s) will be held before the exhibitor area opens at 11am, so you will not be away from your booth while the General Admission public is circulating. Also allows Psychic Speed Reading Attendees to follow you to your booth after that event for more time with you.

📌 Best Reader Candidates:

  • Willing to commit to Saturday 9:30-11am AND/OR Sunday 9:30 - 11am
  • Traditional reading style (psychic, medium, tarot, oracle, etc) and/or a less well-known style like crystal, scrying, bones, magpie, tea leaves, etc. to offer a wide diversity to attendees
  • Be comfortable with fast-paced connecting, reading and transitioning between clients

📌 Psychic Panel:

  • One Speaker slot will be reserved for a Psychic Panel. This will be a forum where 4-5 pre-selected psychics will give a brief explanation of what they do that may be unique and participate in Q&A from Attendees. The purpose is to help Attendees get to know you better, take away any fear, misunderstanding or resistance and generally help everyone feel more comfortable with the process of readings. 

    📌 How to Participate:

    • Purchase your event booth HERE.
    • Just tell us you're interested in participating as a Psychic Speed Psychic Reader OR Psychic Panelist by following the form: